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Refugees, Shocks, and Cash Transfers: A one time transfer of $1,000 provides lasting benefits to refugees in Uganda amid Covid-19


IDinsight, June 2022

How COVID-19 impacted risky sexual behaviors of female sex workers in Senegal and its wider implications: Evidence from a Cohort Study

Wen Qiang Toh, Carole Treibich, Sandie Szawlowski, Henry Cust, El Hadj Alioune Mbaye, Khady Gueye, Cheikh Tidiane Ndour, Aurélia Lépine

University College London

Causal impacts of government social expenditure on infant mortality in Latin America and the Caribbean

Alessandro Carraro

UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti | September 2021


Chapter 3 thumbnail.jpg

Profesores a Prueba: Claves Para Una Evaluación Docente Exitosa.

Yyannú Cruz-Aguayo, Diana Hincapié, Catherine Rodríguez

Inter-American Development Bank, Nov 20, 2019

How to Improve Education Outcomes Most Efficiently? A Comparison of 150 Interventions Using the New Learning-Adjusted Years of Schooling Metric.

Noam Angrist, David K. Evans, Deon Filmer, Rachel Glennerster, F. Halsey Rogers, and Shwetlena Sabarwal

CGD Working Paper 558. Washington, DC: Center for Global Development. October 2020


The TAP-Plus Approach to anti-corruption in the natural resource value chain

LTRC R4D and Brookings Institute, June 2020

Norman Eisen Daniel Kaufmann Nathaniel Heller J. Preston Whitt Mario G. Picón Victoria Bassetti John Hudak With Theodore Becker-Jacob, Andrew Kenealy, Kelsey Landau, Robin Lewis, Jimena Montoya Villavicencio, Christine Stenglein, Praneetha Vissapragada

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